Book Review - Ember.js Web Development with Ember CLI

Over the weekend I read through a great book written by Suchit Puri, Ember.js Web Development with ember CLI. I have briefly looked at the ember framework in the past and decided I wanted to get a better understanding of how it worked.

The book is aimed to JavaScript developers who are starting out or who have prior experience with the framework. The introduction describes the book as a must read for the next generation of web developers who will enjoy building powerful single-page web applications using the simplicity of ember CLI and sophistication of the upcoming ember 2.0. The book focuses on the 2.0 release and aims to put the reader in a good position to leverage it and stay ahead of the pack.

In order to effectively use the book, I think the reader should have a basic understanding of how modern javascript works. To me, one of the great parts of reading the book was that no time was wasted getting me up to speed with the basics of build tools or npm. It quickly moved through the set up and where to get the code and then jumped into the parts of the ember framework.

In my opinion this book will be most useful to someone who wants to get up and running with ember. This book would give them a solid understanding of what ember is and what it can do for them.

The depth of the book seemed appropriate for the stated audience. I feel pretty confidant I can get started with ember development although I do feel like I will need to go through the guides to further my understanding of some of the concepts mentioned in the book.

I can't comment on how technically accurate the book is because I'm just getting into ember, but to me it seemed the author has a very solid understanding of the framework. An Amazon review I came across says the book covers in depth the parts of ember CLI that are not explained, even in the technical documentation. It also goes on to say

The only shortfall of this book is that it is not compatible with the latest version of ember CLI. The ember team's development of the framework has outpaced the rate at which books can be written, thus none that I have found are able to adequately give working examples.

This is unfortunate but the reality of our industry.

The code is well explained. The book shows the parts relevant to the topic but refers to the source so you can see how the snippets fit into the app, which is nice. As you move from concept to concept, you are pointed to the relevant example apps.

Overall the book was easy to read and I moved through the content at a nice pace. It was accompanied by functional examples found on Github and didn't seem to expect you to code out the examples yourself. It covered a lot of ground and for someone who's yet to build an ember application, it felt like this book gave me a solid base to work from. I liked that it didn't go over the very basic stuff and really was all about ember. It gave me a good idea about what the framework is made up of and what it has to offer. I will probably come back to the book and reference the examples as I continue learning the framework.

Here are the details of the book for anyone looking for them:

Title: Ember.js Web Development with Ember CLI Subtitle: Build ambitious single-page web applications using the power of Ember.js and Ember CLI Author: Suchit Puri ISBN: 978-1-78439-259-8 Date of publication: May 2015 Number of pages: 174

The book can be found at: