Week two of my 52 weeks of Vim is just a quick post. It's been a busy week. Yesterday I did as much of the Vim Adventures as I could for free and then proceeded to try openvim.

Both of these sites are interactive ways to learn and practice Vim in the browser. Vim Adventures is a game-style learning experience, and openvim is more of an interactive tutorial. The free levels of Vim Adventures focused on basic editor navigation, which I'm starting to get the hang of. Openvim on the other hand covered a lot of the same things as the vimtutor, which I covered in my past post, but as I expected it still taught me something new.

Openvim went over the concept of repeating commands. In vim, a command can be repeated with a number. For example, d2w would delete 2 words. One of the lessons in openvim showed me how I could easily insert a horizontal rule in markdown with the same concept like the one below.


The way this can be achieved with vim is by entering 80i- ESC which inserts 80 of the - characters. I realize that this is basic, but I'm sure any beginner gets excited about this stuff. I'm starting to see how logical and efficient working with vim can be once you have a good understanding of it. If you want to delete whats inside curly brackets, you type di{. You don't need to remember any crazy key bindings to do these basic text manipulations.

So that's all for week two. My plan for week three is to get into some screencasts and go a little deeper down the rabbit hole.